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the bentons ~ family of four | lafayette family photographer

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We met early in the morning at the UL Alumni Center for the Benton’s family session.  The lighting spraying down through the trees in the morning at this location creates bokeh to die for!!! The Benton’s are the family that you meet and immediately connect with. They have just moved back to the area, and are enjoying getting acquainted with their semi-new surroundings.  Their little ones are a ball of fun, and might I add FULL OF ENERGY:) I giggled throughout the editing process as each new photograph popped up on my screen. We made our rounds through the grounds of the Alumni Center, stopping frequently to allow for wiggle time.  The times in between all of the more serious photos are my favorite time.  The result is always a beautiful gallery of lifestyle and traditional photographs for mom and dad to treasure for years to come. Enjoy!

family of four ~ family playing ring around the rosy | louisiana family photographer

sibling love ~ sister and brother in navy and white sitting on concrete steps | {lafayette family photographer}

the bentons ~ brown eyed girl with navy bow highlighted by the natural light | {lafayette, louisiana family photographer}

the benton family ~ toddler boy throwing rose petals in the water fountain | {lafayette photographer}

the bentons ~ family starring at the pond searching for the goldfish | {louisiana photographer}

the bentons ~ daddy's little girl kissing him on the cheek under the warm suns glow | {lafayette, louisiana child photographer}

family of four ~ brother and sister sitting in front of the waterfall | {lafayette child photographer}

the bentons ~ mom and dad tickling children in front of the waterfall | {lafayette family photographer}

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